About Us

Welcome to Tiffany & O’Shea

Tiffany and O’Shea, Inc. is proud to work tirelessly to provide our clients with the finest fiduciary services in Oregon. Communication is the key to our success. Whether working with the client, care provider, family, an attorney or within our in-house teams, we work collaboratively to reach the best results for our clients and their assets.

Our approach is client-centered, with a case manager, financial case manager and client services specialist assigned to each guardian/conservator client. This approach assures checks and balances. And this allows our staff, who have varied backgrounds and educational training, to bring more experience and knowledge to problem solving for our clients.

All case managers at Tiffany and O’Shea are required to be Nationally Certified Guardians through the Center for Guardian Certification. We follow the Best Practices and Standards of Practice for certified guardians and are required to complete ongoing education to maintain certification.

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